Essays in Humanities: Reflections on Being Human

The humanities are not, as the word implies, one single field of study but rather a collection of many fields of science. Scholars in diverse fields such as social history, cultural sciences, philosophy and sociology. The humanities are different to the physical sciences because scholars in the humanities do not seek to explain how the physical world works, as is the case with other sciences. Rather, scholars in the humanities seek to provide an understanding of the human condition in all its aspects.

Essays in Philosophy

Topics in Indian Philosophy

Descartes and the Defence of Reason

Hellenistic Philosophy


  • Relativism: Introduction to ethical relativism.
  • Utilitarianism: Some thought about two types of utilitarian ethics.
  • Friendship: Can modern ethical theories account for friendship?

Origins of Modern Philosophy

Values & the Meaning of Life

Essays in Sociology

This is a collection sociology essays written as part of an undergraduate course in Arts.

Myth, Ritual and the Sacred

Sociology essays: Joss House in Bendigo.
Joss House in Bendigo.

Australian Society

Sociology of Identity

Material Culture & Commodity Culture

Essays on Psychology

These essays have been written for the Monash University courses Psychology 1A and 1B.

  • Hidden Personalities: Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers on our subconscious personality.
  • Differences in Body Image between men and women: Study into the different perceptions of body image.
  • The bystander effect in Helping Behaviour: Research into our preparedness to help other in need.
  • Age and gender differences in the appropriateness of Intimate Nonverbal Behaviour between children and parents: What type of behaviour is appropriate between parents and children?