The Linking Rings of Hanoi

The Linking Rings are an amazing pieces of magic. A linking routine is a ballet of rings and only needs a minimal amount of monologue. As a work of performance art, linking rings remind me of Bach’s Die Kunst der Fuge, a repetitive, multi-layered string of magical actions. The linking rings are a ballet of sounds and shapes, which is beautifully expressed in Vernon’s Symphony of the Rings. The rings speak for themselves and the sound of the rings touching each other provides a perfect sound scape for the illusion.

Strolling along the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi we met a group of Vietnamese students who were interviewing foreigners to practice their English as part of a university assignment. They asked us about our experiences with being in a different culture. After the interview I performed one of my Linking Rings routines for them.

I believe that the Linking Rings are the ultimate magic trick. Although the method is easy, the deceptive qualities of a well-constructed routine is very high. I once performed trick and the spectator said: “I bought this trick in a toy store, but my rings can’t do what yours do”. This is a fascinating comment because the methodology of all linking rings routines is essentially the same. The reason he did not recognise his own rings in my routine is because the intricate choreography that adds to the deceptive quality of this classic magic trick.

And because I love this routine so much, here is a different rendering at the Suq in Luxor, Egypt:

3 thoughts on “The Linking Rings of Hanoi

  1. hoi peter,

    leuk filmpje. Volgens mij heb je het naar je zin daar 🙂
    demi roept…”een kusje van demi”
    en ook eentje van mij x

    eef en demi

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