Peter Prevos: Civil Engineer, Social Scientist and Magician

As a young boy, I always wanted to be a magician. As a teenager, I even shared the stage with a famous magician. He won first prize, and I came last.

I trained to be a carpenter, but my teachers told me that I was too clumsy to swing a hammer. Heeding their advice, I moved to university and studied architecture. But alas, after one year behind the drawing board, the lecturer suggested that he wasn’t artistic enough to be an architect.

Not perturbed by this second disappointment I became a civil engineer. In my career, I have built structures, islands, harbours, bridges, and pipelines around the world. Nevertheless, early in my career I decided not to be technically minded enough to be an engineer and studied philosophy and management. My interest in magic tricks has never waned, and I now write books about conjuring and science. Visit any of my websites to find out more about my diverse interests: