Pyramidology: Esoteric perspectives on the Egyptian pyramids

Mark Lehner, The Egyptian Heritage (1974)

Mark Lehner, The Egyptian Heritage (1974)

The pyramid are often the subject of esoteric theories. From alien involvement to a message from extinct advanced civilizations. Egyptology is often too eager to refute anything to do with the esoteric. The egyptologists seem to forget in the process that esoterica is an influential aspect of western culture  which represents a desire for hidden truths. The question whether esotericism is scientifically valid and whether it is able to yield any truth is not very relevant. The esoteric searches for underlying relationships that cannot satisfied by the scientific discipline of Egyptology.

I am currently undertaking research into the different pyramidological theories and the realms of alternative history. I am trying to come to a positive reading of the relationship between pyramidology and Egyptology. It is my hypothesis that the Egyptian pyramids are used as a vehicle for meaning, a function that goes beyond their practical use and existence described by archaeology.

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