The School of the Tortoise—Taking Philosophy Slowly

The School of the Tortoise—Taking Philosophy Slowly
Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote a wonderful little book containing many wonderful aphorisms. One of my favourite is:

Those who are able to walk the slowest win the philosophy race, or those who reach the goal last.

I recognise myself in this aphorism, as I am the world’s slowest philosophy student. I started my bachelor degree in 1995 and have not yet finished. There is a kernel of wisdom in this aphorism, as it implies that philosophy can only be digested very slowly.

I recently received an message from a fellow slow philosopher from Oklahoma, claiming to be the slowest philosophy student on the Northern-hemisphere. This e-mail has inspired me to establish the School of the Tortoise, a philosophical school without consistent ideas other than subscribing to Wittgenstein’s credo. It was Wittgenstein who thought that the slow philosopher will the ‘race of philosophy’, just like the tortoise beat Achilles. Anyone caring to join this school can leave a message below.

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